Individual Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, adjustment problems, career issues, trauma, behavioral problems, gambling problems, sexual compulsivity, and personality issues

Developmental Disability Services

Health Psychology Services including Smoking Cessation, Medical Regimen adherence, Coping with and Reducing Chronic Pain

Integrated Christian Psychotherapy

Marital/Couples Counseling

Psychological Assessment for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Somatoform, and Personality Disorders

Neuropsychological Dementia Evaluations

Pre-surgery Evaluations including gastric by-pass, lap-band, dorsal column stimulator, morphine pump, and organ transplant evaluations

Neuropsychological Evaluations for ADHD, Learning Disability, and Other Disorders of Childhood Evaluations

Interpersonal Growth Group Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, and Personality Disorders

Biofeedback Training for Chronic Pain, Stress Management, and other Health Related Issues

Family Counseling

Consultation, Advocacy, Training, and Prevention

Practice Exclusions (i.e., areas not served): Children under three, Child Custody Evaluations, Forensic (i.e., legal or court-ordered) Evaluations, Child Abuse Evaluations, Court-ordered Therapy, Clients with Schizophrenia or other Psychotic Processes, Substance Abuse, and Medication Prescription or Management.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluation by a psychologist is a process of using standardized instruments to accurately and quickly identify possible dif;iculties with attention (such as those seen in ADHD), memory (such as those seen in dementia), language, or psychological symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, Autism, pain or personality problems. In like manner to your physician ordering lab work or an X-ray to quickly assess possible problems, clinical psychologists like Dr. Spence Wilson complete evaluations to quickly evaluate neurodevelopmental, neuropsychological or psychological problems. Evaluations are generally made up of a clinical interview with Dr. Wilson, a licensed psychologist who specializes in evaluation, and then are followed by a formal assessment session. In the assessment, the measures Dr. Wilson chooses are completed to assess the areas of
functioning identified as problematic.

ADHD Evaluation

Autism Spectrum Evaluation

Dementia Evaluation